Frozen Pipes

February 12, 2021
Periodically we make suggestions to our valued clients regarding relevant information to help protect you and your property.
With the pending weather forecast over the next week we have multiple hints to help prevent a frozen pipe issue in the properties you own or live in.
  1. Open cabinets where pipes exist and may be subject to the cold
  2. Keep the heat in your property set at least on 60 degrees, warmer if you can.
  3. For rooms with pipes near outside walls, let the cold water at the faucet drip to keep water flow going
  4. Insulate all pipes touching or near an outside wall. If there is not time to do this professionally try putting a blanket between the wall and the pipe so they do not touch
  5. Insulate floors over crawl spaces or unfinished areas where pipes may be near
  6. Be sure to open heat vents in areas like basements and attics that you may have closed
  7. If you are leaving town, consider turning off your water supply line and draining your pipes. Also, have someone check your house for problems every few days.
  8. If your water main is not buried well below the frost line some recommend keeping several faucets dripping when the temperatures drop into the teens or lower
These are general suggestions and helpful hints only that should not be construed as anything more than that. We assume no responsibility from these ideas and note that all exposures are not included in this list.