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You’re 65 and you qualify for Medicare insurance coverage.. Now you need to complete your protection by purchasing the right Medicare supplement insurance to cover all the items that Medicare won’t.

Medicare by itself is not enough! There are deductibles for Medicare A or B insurance, and the 20% coinsurance on part B is unlimited! So if you have a large claim – such as going through chemo and radiation for cancer – you will pay 20% of ALL of the Part B (outpatient services). With a Medicare supplemental policy, you can fill in your coverage so that you are fully protected – most Medicare Supplement plans pay the Part A and Part B deductibles as well as the 20% coinsurance, which leaves you with ZERO out of pocket costs.

Worried about the costs? You shouldn’t be. Supplemental Medicare insurance is extremely common and competitive so that the price is inexpensive compared to the benefits it provides. Many plans pick up the entire cost leaving you with ZERO out of pocket costs for all hospital, surgical, and physician services.

If you want true piece of mind when you walk into a doctor’s office to know that you will have no out-of-pocket expenses, you need what is referred to as Medicare gap insurance.

You might think that Medicare will cover all of your medical expenses but the reality is that there are strict limits on the type of treatments and medicines that the government will pay.

With Medicare supplements insurance in Illinois, you can choose your own doctor and to let your medical needs dictate the treatment you get.

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