Insurance is a Future Promise to Perform

October 16, 2017

Insurance is a future promise to perform. Send them some money today and they might make your problem go away in the future. What a racket right? How do you know which companies are performing and which ones are not? Below are some excellent resources you can research to help find the right insurance company.

Check out your home State’s Department of Insurance. The Ohio Department of Insurance ( provides a list of insurance companies that include the number of consumer complaints filed against them in any given year. It also includes their Complaint to Market Ratio. This is an excellent measurement of how well they handle a claim. The list also shows which companies are ‘winning’ the consumers business by showing the total premium written in the state. From the Ohio Department of Insurance’s home page click on Consumer Affairs then over to the right, under Top Consumer Links click on Company Premiums/Complaint Ratios

The Fight Bad-faith Insurance Claims website ( provides the Top 50 Worst and Best Insurance Companies based on consumer complaints nationally. This list is not the Golden Rule, but one more resource to consider.

J.D. Power’s website ( is also an excellent resource as they provide rankings from participating companies based on Overall Satisfaction, Policy Offering, Price, Billing, Interaction and Claims. Its not an all inclusive list though but if one of the companies you are researching is included in their rankings it could help you make the correct decision.

Ask your Agent a simple question- “What insurance company has the best claims service?” If your agent is an Independent Agent, they will be able to give you a specific answer. Based on this and the above resources, you should be able to find a company that offers both value and excellent service.

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